DVR Receivers


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Record up to six live HD channels at once* and stream four HD programs to different TVs simultaneously. That means you can watch more and miss less of your favorite programs.

Record over 250 hours of HD programming - the most available from any TV provider! Plus, hundreds of On Demand titles are available for instant viewing.

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* During primetime hours

DuoDVR 625

DISH Player-DVR 625 is an advanced dual tuner, two TV output satellite receiver and integrated digital video recorder (DVR). DISH Player-DVR 625's dual tuners and two TV outputs provide the unique ability to record two shows simultaneously as well as allow for independent viewing of live satellite TV programming and recorded events when connected to two televisions.

HD DVR Receivers

DuoDVR ViP 722

The DuoDVR ViP 722 connects to two TV's - one high definition (HD) and one standard definition (SD). Support independent viewing on separate TV's and simultaneous recording while watching another program. Record more of what you love - up to 350 hours of SD programming and up to 55 hours of HD programming.

Solo DVR ViP 612

The perfect solution for for a single high-definition (HD) TV. The built in DVR allows you to record your favorite shows and watch them any time you want! Simultaneously watch one program while recording another. The Solo DVR ViP 612 provides up to 200 hours of SD recording and up to 30 hours of HD recording.

ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR

The ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR connects to one high-definition (HD) TV. Watch TV Everywhere with built-in Sling Technology - get your programming on a laptop or mobile device. Watch one show while recording another at the same time or record up to two shows while watching a pre-recorded show at the same time.
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All above receivers are available as a FREE UPGRADE with new customer activation. Restrictions apply.